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"Cornudella de Montsant provides facilities prepared for practising different sports"


Itineraries in the "Parque Natural del Montsant" and "Siurana" for enjoying the natural environment. 

Fauna: The wide range of environments allows the establishment of an amazing diversity of species. In the catalonian fauna we can find mammals as strange as the genet, the wildcat and the ferret. Golden and "perdiguera" eagles, golden owl and peregrine falcon have made the cliffs of the Montsant their nesting and rest territory.

Flora: "Montsant" landscape is composed by a vegetation typically mediterranean which is divided by low hills and bushes and "carrasco" pine. We can find as well "encinares", "carrascales" and "garrigues", hazels, holly trees and yew-trees. Montsant river opens up to a splendid riverside forest with poplars, ash trees and willows.


"Siurana" is a good choice for people who enjoy a type of technical climbing, which requires a lot of experience in this sport as well as a high level of resistance, considering the extension of its surface and the slope of chalky rock to overcome. However this location preserves also some appropriate ways for people who don´t meet enough features for facing such risky challenges. The 7th grade is then the average of difficulty of the 500 ways that the climbing route of "Siurana" has in its areas next to the locality, that are visited throughout the year.
Climbers from around the world find in these walls real challenges which face them to new adventures and to sharp increases in adrenaline.


In "Siurana's" river swamp we offer excursions of Canoe or Kayak which can be rented directly there. You'll have as well as the possibility of enjoying a completely different bath in the known "beach” of Cornudella.

BTT Bike Paths

Our environment offers a wide range of BTT Bike Paths with a variety of drops for mountain bikeamateurs.