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Priorat Wines


The Priorat region offers a variety of recognized and deep processed wines, coexisting two "Protected Designation of Origin": O.D.Q. Priorat and O.D. Montsant.
The Carthusian monks of the Sant Bru Order were responsible for planting the vineyard and for the winemaking very known today as"Vinos del Priorat". In fact, in 1162 "Alfonso The First" king, asked them to settle down in the Priorat area, which had been reconquered from 'Waliat de Siurana'. 
Guided tours to the wineries is a must to uncover the winemaking process and the history of its wines.


The composition of the vineyard has been changing with the times, and today the Cariñena is the uppermost grape, close followed by the "Garnacha Negra" grape. The "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Merlot" and "Syrah" vineyard have been very successful, and for that reason the "Consejo Regulador" has asked to include them as approved varieties.
Nowadays the estimated vineyard area is 1.700 ha. 
Even though Although red wines are the main production, there are a 10% of white and rose wines as well.

Given conditions

Several conditions contribute to the quality of O.D.Q. Priorat and O.D. Montsant wines: the Mediterranean weather and dry wind spread the grape harvest from mid-September to mid-October. Soil geological characteristics has the main impact in the wine quality: litosoil on a compact substrate Carboniferous shale allows the steep slopes cultivation.

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